Stray Heirs

When an embittered outlaw kidnaps a wilful princess, two kingdoms are brought to the brink of war.

Life as the Crown Princess of Thronheim can get a little dull. That is, until you're abducted by a brutal criminal and embroiled in a plot to overthrow your own father. Can you survive the monstrosities of the Twisted Forest, save your best friend's life, escape being sacrificed by an evil sorcerer, and stop a war?

This is an interactive kinky romantic fantasy novel with defined characters and plot. Your choices influence the main character's reactions and experiences, and the story's ending.

You can backtrack using the little arrow at the top left.

Trigger warning: some chapters include explicit violence and sex scenes.

Work in progress. Email me if you'd like a heads-up about new chapters. Or connect on Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook.